Learning Objectives & Tasks - Module 1


Welcome to the course! 

Upon the completion of Module 1 of Game Crowdfunding: From Start to Funded, you'll be able to:

  • Decide if you have a good grasp of the market, of your motivations, and of the kind of work you can expect to do to put together a successful campaign
  • Understand how to look at other campaigns and learn from what they're doing
  • Understand which of their numbers are interesting for you, and what to do with those numbers
  • Have a strong foundation to calculate shipping expenses, and be able to consider all the most common situations in which campaign creators find themselves during fulfilling
  •  Understand all the fees related to running a crowdfunding campaign
  • Have a good understanding of what you should discuss with your accountant concerning your crowdfunding campaign
  • Be able to fill out the Pledge Planner, and have a first general idea of how your campaign will pan out number-wise

Boost your preparation by completing the following tasks:

  • Back some projects, both similar and different from yours
  • Join at least one online forum/group/Discord server where products similar to yours are discussed, and contribute to the conversation
  • Take part to one live event related to your market, speak to people and show your game
  • Make sure you spend some time looking at the data for your market of reference
  • Write down what is your story for this campaign, and how your offering will improve a backer's life
  • Study the campaign body, updates, comments, videos and feedback for 10-15 campaign similar to what you have in mind for yours
  • Check some example analysis here: http://bit.ly/2OCW5dL 
  • Think about what you need to ship or deliver, where, and how it could happen. Investigate your shipping and delivery options.
  • Try your hand at the Pledge Planner