Crodfunding video games, what you need to know

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Main takeaways:

Check this list of video game crowdfunding projects: 

What you can learn:

  • Only 40 projects raised over $1M since 2012
  • Only 1 in 2017
  • Only 1 in 2018


  • Lack of trust towards developers to respect deadlines due to previous campaigns not delivering
  • Complexity and length of game development
  • Quick depreciation of games
  • Over-saturation of the market

Your best shot:

  • A small team
  • A concept with a small scope
  • A premium product - it can have an online component, but remember that there are only 12 MMORPG on the list
  • Extras include exclusive physical gadgets
  • Your chances increase exponentially if you're reviving an old IP, or one of your team members is a famous designer

Make sure you have:

  • Additional funding sources. Crowdfunding is not enough for most video games